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Tis The Season To Be Bright!

We all love the festive glow that lines the streets of our towns and neighborhoods this time of year. Something about the lights and decorations warms our hearts and puts us in the holiday spirit. We take car rides and go for walks for no other reason than to look at the bright, festively lit houses, parks and streets. It truly is one of the most beautiful times of the year.

But with all these beautiful displays comes the responsibility of safety! Did you know that holiday lighting causes millions of dollars in property damage each year?

Between 150-170 fire department responses per year are linked to fires that began with Christmas trees alone. Contributing factors range from poorly hydrated trees to improper light usage, frayed or damaged wires and plugs, or just plain overloaded electrical sockets; these are just a few dangers that could shut down your holiday festivities.

Cutting down on some of the electricity used and using a few alternatives to traditional lighting can save you from these hazards.

The following tips will help you make your lighting and decorations safer and easier, while keeping your electric bills cheaper!!

Solar Lighting

For outdoor decoration, solar lighting is by far my favorite. Solar lights have come a long way and are quite cheap. I have found that they can cost less than the plug-in lights, and the strands are about the same length or longer.

There are no long extension cords or connectors that need to be protected from rain or snow.

You can put them anywhere that receives a decent amount of sun light.

You don’t need to remember to turn them on because they light up as soon the sun sets.

They come in solid colors, such as blue, white, or multicolored strands.

They can be used to decorate trees, mailboxes and bushes or to give little pizzazz to garland and yard decorations.

Easily line your driveway or walkways with solar powered individual spikes or canes.

And the best part…. they do not add to your electric bill!

Pre-lit Trees, Garland and Decorations

Artificial trees that come pre-lit have also come a long way. They are not only very lifelike and beautiful, but you are also guaranteed that your lights are evenly distributed throughout your tree. No more wrapping and unwrapping the lights around the tree to get a perfect look. And no more worry as to if you have all the strands safely connected.

Garland or decorations that come with their own attached lighting are once again not only easier to use (no wrapping, clipping, thumb-tacking or taping) but safer too because the material used are made to go with the lighting and electronics of the design.

An added extra to using pre-lit decorations is that they give you a little help in the creativity process, helping to make your displays look a little more put together and coordinated.


We recently discovered the perfect simplicity of the holiday projectors for the outside of our home.

At night you can see giant snowflakes falling across our home from the minute you enter our neighborhood. The entire front and side of the house is covered, giving a complete look from the road that wows! And all this from one little projector that is plugged up and placed in my front yard.

Incorporating just some of these ideas will help you have a safer, easier and less expensive holiday season.

From all of us at MWR, LLC…. we would like to wish you a happy and safe holiday season!


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